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Jan 22, 2021

Greg was born and raised in Beaumont, TX, went to Texas A&M University for undergrad, worked in sales for a few years then attended SMU full time for an MBA. Upon graduating from SMU, he eventually ended up in the telecom industry for nearly 20 years, where he worked for Nortel, Tektronix Communications, and Netscout.


Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit was always alive but hadn’t surfaced fully until 2015 when he quit his comfortable job in Corporate America to purchase an existing company – Outhouse Tickets. However, he had toyed around with owning his own company for decades. He started a small advertising company in the early ’90s. He also created and later sold one of the first online apartment locators in Texas called (Greg is still a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker) Finally, Greg took the plunge to purchase Outhouse Tickets to run full time. Outhouse Tickets is the easiest way to sell event tickets. They make buying and selling tickets easier and cheaper for any sized event. Their low convenience fees allow you to sell more tickets. Their high customer service level enables you to focus on your business rather than posting events and managing ticketing. They can ticket any size event: From 1 ticket to 100,000 tickets.  You can visit them on the web at


Greg married his lovely wife, Lori, in 1998 in his parent’s backyard in Beaumont after Hurricane Georges wrecked the Virgin Islands and their original plans for a destination wedding. After living in Dallas, Trophy Club, and Plano, they eventually landed in Fairview in 2010.


Greg and Lori have two children – Emma, age 19, is attending the University of Oklahoma, and Carter, age  17, is a Senior at Lovejoy HS.