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Jun 21, 2023

Accasia Martinez – Owner & Operator of Accasia’s Event Venue since July 2021

Wife to Fernando Martinez for over 27 years and mother of 3 – Patrick 26 yrs old, Ryan who will be 21 in August and Ashley 14yrs old.  

Born in New York and raised in the Dominican Republic.  Holds an Associate degree in Business Administration, has experience as an Executive Assistant, Human Resources Generalist, Compensation Analyst, Sales Analyst, Marketing & over 18 years of experience in Corporate Event Planning for companies like AIG, Liberty Mutual, Sol de Plata, Occidental Hotels & Resorts, Philip Morris, Frito Lay & PepsiCo Foodservice.  

The bond with her family and the relationships she builds with people is the most important thing to her.  So after planning events for over 18 years, for both corporate employers and personal connections, she has taken a leap of faith and started our own venue & planning services.  

Accasia hopes that her venue can serve as the stage to many celebrations and gatherings that bring people together to create lasting memories & relationships.