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Jan 4, 2020

Bill Baxter is a master at finding smart, efficient and economical solutions for businesses — including his own.
When Baxter was ready to leave the corporate world back in 2001 to put his technology expertise to work for clients of his own, he found Fairview, Texas to be a fitting location for his small business. That’s when and where he founded Baxter I.T., and he has never looked back.
Baxter I.T. has grown from a one-man entrepreneurship to a staff of engineers who hold multiple industry certifications. They provide technology services and support ranging from secure cloud data backup protection to alarm monitoring and electronic access systems. The thriving company’s clientele spans the DFW region and includes small to mid-size businesses and local government entities, including the Town of Fairview.
Since day one, Fairview has remained the ideal base for this thriving company. “It’s one of the best towns around,” says Baxter, who decided in 2005 that he not only loved having his business based in Fairview, but he wanted to live here, too. He and his wife, Donna, the company’s bookkeeper, now live in Heritage Ranch, just minutes away from their office in Fairview Town Center (FTC). Their golden retriever, Ginny, serves as the company’s HR manager, Baxter notes with a totally straight face.
“We’re fortunate to work literally onsite with the Town of Fairview, one of our major clients, because it makes for a symbiotic relationship and quick response time, and it feels like family,” Baxter says.